Navigation:   Home arrow About provides unrivaled affordable services and products relating to website hosting and domains. We focus on the global market and provide customers worldwide with quality solutions. With purposeful concentration on highest quality standards we supply business and individual customers alike. is part of the
FUN-SURF MEDIA - Global Internet Projects and one of the new generation of Web Service Providers with international orientation and availability. Emerging Web Sites empowering it’s customers to create attractive, highly usable and accessible services on the Internet within affordable prices for complete and complex solutions, plus 24/7 support. was founded by FUN-SURF MEDIA in Germany and assigned to the operative network of Internet Service Provider 24, with the objective to bundle synergies and years of experience, from all areas of Internet development, in one strategic network. With centralized management, worldwide availability and multilingual customer service, we distribute easy to use and sustainable solutions. As a longtime professional provider of Internet technologies, we are experienced and exclusively rely on efficient and modern techniques. In selecting our partners we ensure the highest reliability and existing experience. Our products are supported and operated by industry’s leading hardware and software suppliers.

Why Products and Services from Emerging Web Sites ?

Our products use innovative technologies to increase the safety and reliability of Internet services and provide scalability that can be extended at any time. Select us and you will never reach the limits of what is possible.

• we make web services affordable, powerful and easy to use
• we offer fast, reliable and secure systems
• we build on state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading software
• we offer individual support around the clock
• we have many years experience and work responsive and professionally
• we use competitive and transparent pricing models

...for Businesses

...for Individuals

Every business needs secure and easy-to-use services and a reliable and competent partner who is able to supply clients at any time and any place. We provide entrepreneurs, SMEs, Self-employed and organizations with quality services and professional solutions from a single source and at any time with helpful support and consultancy. has the perfect solution for all business requirements in store. supplies customers worldwide with quality products and maximum performances plus easy-to-use access while comparable competitive rates. As a private person you get all the professional services without restrictions, including first-class support. We offer customized products for beginners and experienced, students, self-employed, pensioners, pupils and everybody else who is looking for a trustworthy service provider, with reliable features beside them.


Products & Services


Products & Services is your professional partner when it comes to Website Hosting.

With our Network partners we are able to supply all you need from one source. Whatever your requirements are, our product range offers professional and reliable solutions. The perfect companion to get you started on the road to success with your business or as an individual; we are always at your side. Learn more about our Internet Service Provider Network.

Service Provider Network

FUN-SURF MEDIA service offerings provide customers worldwide with modern products to the highest quality standards. We put service regulations according to German quality standards in place with no ifs and buts. Due to a strong service policy, we achieve the best results and exceed customer needs always. The Service Level Agreement takes place world wide, to implement the "First Choice Consciousness" and the focus on achieving the highest customer satisfaction.


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