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Create an unique identity on the Web ...

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Reserve a domain name today and give your business a distinct Web address. Grab a great domain before someone else does! Make yourself or business memorable with a domain for as low as never before. The domain name is the flagship of your company, an individual name or a service and provides a crucial competitive advantage in the global business market. A Domain ...

  • creates a professional image

  • builds your company's credibility

  • makes it easier for visitors to remember your Web address

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Transfer your existing domains hassle free today and take up a great opportunity to get your domains registered and operated by a long-term experienced provider. Over 2000 extensions can be transferred instantly! Make the switch to us and save.

  • Domains must be valid and already registered with another provider

  • Domains must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status

  • Transfers will succeed only if the Admin Contact in the Whois-Database is up-to-date

  • You must obtain the authorization code to transfer your domain to us

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Domain Pricing domain registration / transfer


One of the very first Top-Level Domains (TLD) established in January 1985, .COM has since become the largest TLD, accounting for just under half of the 174 million domain names currently registered. This TLD means "commercial" to the vast majority of Internet users. Dozens of other TLDs are now available, including .ME, .CA and, more recently, .IN. But no matter how many new extensions may be added, everyone agrees - .COM is still the "Rodeo Drive of the Web." ( Do you have yours?

Register your domain with us and enjoy:

  • big savings over the competition

  • many great FREE extras

  • 24/7 service that's second-to-none

  • registering in real-time

  • Full supported DNS service

  • free pointing or routing

  • no setup fees

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Register default period and pay an incredible price!


Register longer periods, and pay a ridiculous price!


These are our Base Rates for the TLDs we offer; enjoy an additional discount when you register your domain name for multiple years or as a reseller when your portfolio with us grows. Domain prices generally underlying market development facts and can increase from one registration period to another. For that reason we are offering long term domain registrations in advance to protect the domains from price increases. This service is available for generic domains and some country domains. For more information and an individual offer for your desired domain registrations, contact the Customer Service.


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For Domain Reseller, Agencies and Clients with a large portfolio of Domains we are offering special prices and bulk registration/transfer service for international domains. Choose from more than 2000 top-level domains and we will register in real-time. Every domain registered with us includes many free service features. If you are interested in our Domain Reseller Conditions check out the.  


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Domain Registration



Things to consider when choosing your Domain Name


Choosing a domain name, and a suitable extension depends heavily on the website it represents. For example, each individual type of domain name extension is relevant to a brand, an audience, a business or personal venture and even a geographical area, and so should be adapted for the purpose of the website.

When choosing a domain name there are many factors to think about and customers often overlook the simple things that can often set a web site in good stead for success, so when choosing a domain name, ask yourself these questions:

1.  Can your domain name be spelled easily?
2.  Is your domain name long enough to make visitors give up?
3.  Does your domain name contain numbers that could be mistaken for words?
4.  Do you have 1 or more hyphens in your domain name making it awkward to learn?
5.  Is a non-hyphenated version of your domain name already in use with another company?
6.  Does the chosen domain name violates applicable law or property rights of third parties?

These are just a few things to consider before purchasing a domain name as you could be losing valuable business if your domain name was input incorrectly by visitors, and you may of course leave yourself open to legal action if you are not careful. We are here to help, do not hesitate if you need consultancy or further information while registering your domain name!

We try to make the domain registration as much comfortable as possible for you. With our well established service network and a long-term experience in domain registration processes we can avoid most unexpected errors in advance and ensure a seamless and convenient registration process.

Follow these little steps to register your domain:

1. Check the availability of your desired domain name on our website

2. Choose registration period and keep in mind the longer the cheaper

3. Complete the order process and submit valid personal data for a proper registration

4. Provide copy of personal identification evidence (if required)

5. Settle your account by making the payment for the entire domain registration in advance

6. Your desired domain name is registered promptly and setup accordingly



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Domain Transfer



Things to consider before starting the transfer of your Domain Name


Transferring a domain from your existing registrar to us is in most cases without any problems if all precautions are set correctly. If your domain name is currently registered elsewhere we can help you with every aspect of transferring your domain name to us. No matter where your domain name is registered, we can help you to transfer it to us.

Important steps to be considered before initiating the transfer:

To transfer any top level domain name to us, you will need to make sure that your current details registered against your domain name are up-to-date and current, because part of the transfer process is that you will need to verify you are the owner and that you agree to the transfer, which is done by sending an automated email to the domain name owner. Ensure that the contact information in the Whois Database for Admin-C is correct and the mentioned email account can be accessed.

You will also need to obtain what is known as an EPP key or “Auth code” from the current registration company, which is like an unique serial number for your domain name to enable a domain name transfer, and then disable or switch off any domain name locking that might be enabled. You are required to cancel your domain registration with the actual registrar. The most registrars provide a "Cancellation Request"-link in their Customer Area. If this is not applicable we will provide you with a form called "Connectivity Coordination (CC)" which you have to send to your actual provider to announce the cancellation and in the same time to agree to a forthcoming transfer of the respective domain to us. In normal cases the providers should set the Domain Status to "UNLOCK" and send a Cancellation Confirmation containing the AuthInfo-Code or EPP Key. If this is not the case you should request it explicitly!

Once you have your key/code, and have unlocked your domain name, you can then proceed to place your order for a domain name transfer directly through our website as normal.

These are just a few things to consider before transferring a domain name as you could be losing time and valuable business if your domain move gets interrupted or denied by the actual provider due to incorrect communications or procedures. We are here to help! For help and assistance before and during the transfer do not hesitate to contact us:


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Domain Transfer - Step-by-Step

We try to make the domain transfer as much comfortable as possible for you. With our well established service network and a long-term experience in domain transfer processes we can avoid most unexpected errors in advance and ensure a seamless and convenient transfer process.

Learn more about the steps in detail:


1. Navigate to the Product: "Domain Transfer" or request transfer services via form on this page.

- check that you have typed the domain name and other data correctly

- make sure that you are the official owner of the domain name (Admin-C)

- ensure the domain is registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status


2. Follow the next steps according to the cancellation status with your actual provider:


Cancellation Confirmed


Cancellation Pending


Cancellation Open

Request your transfer and enter your EPP-Key/AuthInfo-Code during the order procedure or in the form.

(Follow step 5)


Request the AuthInfo/EPP Key from your actual provider and set the Domain Status to "UNLOCK".

(Follow step 4)


Cancel the domain with your actual provider via official form or at the provider directly.

(Follow step 3)


3. The domain you wish to transfer must be cancelled with the actual provider and unlocked for outgoing transfer.

- initiate the cancellation/transfer at the providers website with the form "Connectivity Coordination (CC)"


4. Most providers send the cancellation confirmation containing the AuthInfo/EPP Key.

- open a ticket and provide us with the Key/Code


5. In some cases we require the submission of a copy of your personal identification evidence.

(Passport/Personal ID)


6. Complete the Checkout or Submit the Request Form.

- receive the order confirmation and the invoice for selected registration period in advance

- make the payment to confirm your request and to appoint the transfer


7. After payment we will start the transfer immediately.

- be notified about all status updates by email or after login at Customer Service Panel.


8. Check the email account mentioned under the Admin-C in Whois Data regularly.

- confirm incoming authorization requests from the Domain Registrar/Domain Robot


9. Domain transfer in progress.

- you will be updated about the status of the transfer (successful or failed)

- we will confirm if successful or contact you about next step if failed


10. Domain registration successful completed.

- we will setup your domain and point to the specified Services or Servers

- domain will be propagated within 48h world wide

  (propagation time is depending on the update intervals of the name server of the internet access provider)


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Legal Information



Legal Information for Domain Registrations/Transfers

 Legal Information for Domain Clients:

  • Domains will be registered for the entire period as prescribed by the specific domain authority

  • Domains can be renewed after the first registration period, you will receive email information on this topic in advance

  • Domains will be available for the customer after the complete payment for the entire registration period has been settled

  • Domains need approximately 48 hours to be available world wide after registration but mostly works already after 5 minutes

  • Domain owners are responsible for the chosen name and services changes within the registration, routing and ownership furthermore for possibly legal requests

  • Domain registrations require sometimes the legitimating proof of the customer (official documents, passport, id card)

  • Domain availability will be checked but there is no confirmation at any time which proof the definitive availability; final confirmation of the authority is the registration result

Service Terms


We aim for highest customer satisfaction always and therefore we provide professional services around Domains and Web Hosting with competitive pricing, long-term experience in this business and 24/7 knowledgeable support provided by professional staff plus real-time operations during the entire registration process.

  • Competitive Pricing
    No over pricing, or extortionate registration fee’s or hidden costs often found elsewhere.

  • No Hidden Costs
    We don't subsidize domain names and then add outrageous admin fee’s or transfer fee’s later.

  • DNS Management
    Complete, instant DNS Management for all of your domain names right on our website.

  • Free Transfers
    No transfer fees at all to bring domain names in or out of our network! Transfer is free for life.

  • Trusted Registrar
    Many of our high profile customers globally have been with us for 10+ years and still rate us highly against others.

  • Free Consultations
    If you’re not sure what your doing or need some help choosing a domain, contact our consultant at any time.

  • 24/7 Support
    We are 24 hours a day available for all your questions and to provide the best and fastest service for your domains.


More than 2000 domain extensions can be registered upon your request in real-time. Mentioned prices are not confirmed final prices! Domain pricing will be stated within a quote after the successful availability check. Domains will not be registered before we have received the complete payment for the entire duration of the subscribed service in advance!

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